Dreamweaver is one of the most widely used desktop applications for creating professionally looking websites. It offers a number of features such as a wide selection of templates and it gives you the option to create interactive menus and buttons without any computer programming skills or previous experience. Of course, more tech-savvy users can create or modify the website code manually as well. In addition, you can include contact forms to make it easier for your website visitors to reach you. Dreamweaver has numerous advantages as compared to online web design platforms - you will be able to make and update various websites simultaneously, and you'll always have a backup copy on your computer if you delete content from your hosting server by accident. You are able to publish and update a site designed with Dreamweaver right from the app.

Dreamweaver Compatible in Web Hosting

All of the Linux web hosting that we provide are Dreamweaver-compatible, so you'll be able to work with this web design app with all of our services without a problem. You are able to upload your new content directly from this program - you will not have to log in to the Hepsia web hosting Control Panel and use some third-party FTP application. Instead, you can enter the FTP details for your account in Dreamweaver and the application will publish the web pages that you have made and they will go live on the web without delay. You can update your site just as quickly, since once you modify anything on your desktop or laptop, you will be able to publish the latest content and the file on our server will be replaced by the updated one automatically. In this way, you will be able to create and maintain an attractive and feature-rich site fast and easy and make it visible on the Internet with just a few clicks.

Dreamweaver Compatible in Semi-dedicated Servers

You'll be able to use Dreamweaver with all of the Linux semi-dedicated servers that we offer because our custom-made cloud website hosting platform works with this software and you'll even be able to publish the website which you have created directly from it. You won't need an FTP client or even the Hepsia Control Panel as you can simply enter your account FTP information when you hit the Publish button and Dreamweaver will copy everything that you've created in the account on our end. The exact same steps are valid if you want to change any webpage - the new content will replace the previous one, and your updated site will be online right away. In case you'd like to have several websites, you'll be able to create multiple FTP accounts through the Control Panel and set each of them to have access only to a specific folder where Dreamweaver will publish the content.